Here, there, everywhere…

It’s been a while since I posted so here’s a summary of the last few weeks:

My Denver conference (in early May – where have the weeks gone?) was great. I’m now VP of NASIG, the North American Serials Interest Group. More about that in another post. As if life wasn’t busy enough…

I was barely getting caught up at work after that business trip when I went to FL the first 7 days of June to check up on Mom. She’s doing so-so. We’re starting to look at assisted-living options in FL, VA (where my brother lives) and KS. She has a caregiver 20 hours a week now and it’s just not enough. The only bad thing about going away is that work piles up! It’s a busy time in library-land as we approach the end of our fiscal year, try to scrounge up missing invoices, place last-minute orders to spend year-end monies. Faculty meetings, budget meetings, e-resources discussions (we’re planning to migrate from print to electronic-only journals in 2 or 3 phases), meetings with the dean about some HR activities, candidate interviews, including ones for positions in my dept. We’re also in the midst of strategic planning – had an all day retreat on Friday – and have major deadlines to meet over the next couple of months.

Jeff – my youngest – graduated from high school on the 22nd. When last I mentioned this saga, I was trying to convince Jeff and his dad (my ex) that Jeff should move into the dorms for college. I lost. (Did I mention he turned down a diving scholarship to stay here and attend K-State, which doesn’t have diving?) On the bright side, he’s going to be a cheerleader, so watch your local listings for K-State football this fall. Maybe you’ll see Jeff tumbling!

My oldest – Joel – came from FL to celebrate my birthday and Jeff’s graduation. We had a great time.

I turned the big 5 – 0 on the 17th. My kids got me 3 SW action figures. (I’m so easy to buy for!)

Friend Sarah came down from Omaha to visit over Memorial Day weekend. The woman is a saint. She helped me dig out this humongous pampas grass – we must have looked hilarious trying to get the thing out of the ground! (Sorry, no video available!) We also moved 2 other deciduous bushes from the front yard, replanted them in the backyard and put in a couple of evergreens.

Jenny has moved back home for the summer to save $$. She’s taking 2 classes this summer and works 20-30 hours a week. I don’t see too much of her! Jeff is also working – at Wendy’s. Between his job and girlfriend, he’s not around too much either! He’s actually at K-State all weekend – orientation and enrollment for fall semester.


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