Heating up….

Everything, that is. The weather, work, life….

Let’s see, it’s almost 8pm and the heat index is 103. Lovely. The actual temp is supposed to be 104 tomorrow.

Went into work on Saturday to work on fiscal year rollover with our Voyager tech guru, the acq librarian, and our new financial services director. We spend a little over an hour discussing why certain ledgers roll with zero balance and others with a cash balance. Discussed the use of deposit accounts, end of year accounts, and other voyager-related items. We all double-checked the rollover rules for the continuations ledger. Last year there was a big oops and our serials folks had to manually change thousands of line items. Not a good thing. We started the rollover and left. The tech guy calls me about 3 hours later and said the program was complete and that there was a little glitch. Heart sinks. Then he goes on to explain the glitch – format of fund names was different. No big deal. We’re set. Everything looks fine. Now I can pay those invoices that have been sitting on my desk the last 2 weeks! Just hope Topeka can process them quickly so we don’t lose access to any databases!!

Database clean-up. There were some tense moments this week as my original catalogers got a sample of ‘clean’ records. They were expecting to see 10,000 records and got about 1800. Then there was that parsing problem…
According to our tech guy, they figured out the problem by late Friday, so looks like we’re on target for a re-load the last week of July!!

Candidate interviews, strategic planning – all hot and heavy this month and into next month.

Coming up: a few days in the Colorado mountains! Woo-hoo!! In August, leadership institute, nephew’s wedding (in NJ) , a few fun days with the kids in NYC, then Phoenix later in the month.

Is it September yet?


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