Librarians in Colorado, day 1… the radiator

Or, who said catalogers aren’t flexible???

We’re off at 8am as planned. Three hours later we’re in Hays for a pit stop. Back out on I-70, we give Margaret a ring. No answer. Michelle leaves a message and we continue west. Fifteen miles out of Hays the phone rings. Margaret is in Hoxie with a busted radiator. They’ve ordered a replacement from Hays – can we pick it up? Well sure…

We turn around on I-70 (legally – at an exit) and head east to Hays. I never realized how small a radiator was. I was expecting a big bulky thing when in fact it was in a box about 2.5 feet long, 1.5 feet wide, and 6 inches deep.

So… back on the interstate headed west, then north to Hoxie where we met Margaret and the mechanic at his auto-shop. We exchanged the radiator for all the stuff in Margaret’s car (more groceries for the cabin), stuffed her suitcase in the car, and headed west via 24 Highway to Colby where we pick up I-70 again.

We thought we were running about 1.5 hours behind at that point. It was 1pm – noon in Co Sprngs – when Angela called and we gave her the news. We changed our meeting time to 4:30.

Meanwhile in the Springs, Angela did the tourist thing and went to the Air Force Academy. She called us around 3 indicating she was headed to the grocery store.


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