The saga begins…

All my bags are packed. I’m ready to go. 5 librarians in the remote Colorado wilderness. No Internet. No cell phones. No MARC records. No meetings. Will we survive????

This highly orchestrated trip could only have been planned by a bunch of catalogers. Three of us will set out from Manhattan tomorrow at precisely 8am. When we hit the Hays exit, we call no. 4 so she knows she has about 90 minutes before she needs to meet us in Colby. (She is only staying 3 nights in the cabin which is why she’s taking her own car.) We’re stopping at the Quiznos there for a light & quick lunch, then we’ll caravan back out to interstate and continue our westward journey…

Meanwhile, in Dallas, cataloger no. 5 boards a plane. She’ll land in Colorado Springs about the time we are passing the Hays exit. She has a grocery list in hand to pick up food and drink!

Our goal is to meet no. 5 at 3pm (MST) at the Carrabbas on Geyser Ave. We’ll have a fabulous dinner, pick up some Popeye’s Chicken (just a few blocks down the road) to take into the mountains for late night snack and/or Saturday meal, then continue on toward Pueblo. In Pueblo, we head west. One of the folks has a map. (Knowing catalogers, there will probably be at least 3 with maps!!)

Will post pictures and a recap of the adventure when we return.


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