day 4… more sightseeing: sagebrush, history, and UFOs

Relaxing morning. Reviewed the area guidebooks for something to do. Spotted a little historical museum northwest of Crestone in Saguache (pronounced “Sa-watch”) that sounded interesting. Packed Margaret for her solo trip to Colorado Springs to visit her friend Rebecca. Angela explored changing flights, canceling the 2nd night at the hotel – all set. She’d fly out on Wednesday instead of Thursday. (Remember her trip to Monte Vista? That was originally scheduled for Tuesday after we checked out of the cabin, but because of the radiator issue, she was able to rearrange her visit so she’d drive with Merry, Michelle, and me to Colorado Springs on Tuesday.)

After lunch, Merry, Angela, Michelle and I jump in the car and head north. 15 miles or so later we stop in the tiny town of Villa Grove and check out the lovely pottery store. Angela & I were weak…

Back in the car, we head southwest to Saguache where we stop at the county historical museum. An older women lead us through all the museum rooms, giving us details of many items in the collection. The old photographs were a favorite of mine, but there were hundreds of things from old books, tools, clothing, guns, arrowheads, kitchen implements. She talked about the history of the county and some of its prominent and infamous settlers. We saw the jail which had been operational until 1958. She showed us how the criminals were locked inside at night in pitch darkness. Pretty awful place.

We continued south where farmland started to replace the sagebrush, then turned west at Center. We discovered a Mexican panaderia on a sidestreet, so we stopped in and picked up some goodies and breakfast items. We continued east until we hit highway 17, where we headed north.

We’d been on this stretch of highway 4 or 5 times in the last 3 days and kept mentioning that we should stop at the UFO Watchtower. It looked… interesting… from the road. A dome shaped building with a viewing area on top; lots of ‘things’ on the ground out in front of the building, including a satellite dish with alien eyes painted on it.

Michelle and I bravely walked up to the dome where the gift shop was and peaked inside. The owner, who apparently lives in a house a few hundred yards away, saw us drive up and arrived to open the store. Inside were alien t-shirts, books, ETs, blow-up aliens, alien stuffed dolls, bumper stickers, and much more. The owner gave us a little history of the area where apparently there have been numerous UFO sightings, including 23 she’d seen herself! She explained the “garden” in front of the building where human visitors have left something of themselves. Michelle and I couldn’t resist a few pictures.

We headed back to the cabin but stopped for dinner just at the entrance of the Baca Grande at the Desert Sage restaurant. Excellent food!

We spent another relaxing evening in the cabin, talking and reading. We’d hoped to do some stargazing but there were clouds from the passing storms.

Movie night: Firefly, episode 2


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