day 6 return of the librarians….

We were up early again, showered, breakfasted, packed, and ready to go by 8am. (If anyone can tell me the name of a hotel with a decent (free) continental breakfast, please tell me! It seems like every hotel I’ve stayed at with this ‘freebie’ must get their stuff from the same place – it all looks and tastes the same, kinda’ plasticky (spl?), and boring!) Merry and I said so long to Angela and got in the car and headed east. Made good time. Found a great travel plaza in Colby, KS that had a Starbucks! One mocha light frappachino for me, please. We decided to eat a late lunch at Lb. Brewing Company in Hays, where we arrived around 2:45pm. Merry was impressed and enjoyed her burger and garlic fries. I had a buffalo sloppy joe and cheddar beer soup. Wonderful. We highly recommend this place even though it’s several miles off the interstate on 11th street in an old warehouse district. Great brew pub where they make their own if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Within an hour we’re back on the road. Arrived in Manhattan a little after 6pm. Home.


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