Monday… T minus 1 and counting

Is it a bad day when you have to go back and look at your calendar to remember what you did during the day? Okay, I remembered 3 of the 4 meetings, but what about the other 3+ hours? (Actually, since I arrived at work by 7:30 and didn’t leave until almost 5:30, that would be 4+ hours… )

  1. candidate interviewing this morning
  2. staff picnic – indoors (105 heat index today) – great food and company. We have some wonderful volunteers on our staff association who work really hard!
  3. I had a meeting with the dean
  4. training session with our serials folks on the new EbscoNet. Looks great, fairly easy to navigate, and it includes more licensing related information! I’m hoping it cuts back drastically on the number of emails we have with our customer reps (CSRs), and allows us to more efficiently activate ejournals. Since we’ll be migrating a lot of titles to e-only or P+O in the next 2-3 years, that will be a great feature
  5. here’s where it gets fuzzy… email reading & response, working on dept. head tip sheet, invoice checking, snail mail review, blog updating, hmm….

Speaking of e-journals, I need to work on the ej book chapter I’m supposed to turn in soon. I have 2/3rds of the writing done but need to work on the conclusion and then polish up the information.

Voyager will be down for at least the next 2 days – yes, the bib re-load begins tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed that we’ll have smooth sailing as 1.4 million bibliographic records are re-loaded, overlaying existing records, in our system!!


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