Houston, we have a problem…

I was awake at 4:15 this morning. I’m sure it had nothing to do with stress over work or family!

So I’m sitting in a meeting around 10:30am and notice our Voyager tech guy – Michael – walking slowly past the conference room. He turns around and walks past the door again. Finally, another staff member peeks her head in the door and says “Michael needs to see you.”

Oh #$%^#@! It’s bib re-load day, remember? Could something have gone wrong just a few hours into the process?

Michael explained that they’d discovered that the database backup, done last night, had been corrupted. The backup had to be re-done. Did we want to do it now? Wait until tonight? Tomorrow? What would that mean for getting back to our normal work? I told him let’s get on with it!

By late afternoon, the backup was done and the re-load begun. We’re looking at 36-48 hours downtime, meaning we might be up and running late Thursday afternoon. Michael has already talked to computing folks about a more efficient method of doing backups to ensure we don’t get delayed by corrupt data in the future.

On the home front: kid no. 2 visited the chiropractor today to get rid of a painful knot in her upper back. She could barely turn her head yesterday. Kid no. 3 went to the doctor to check out his ribs: he wiped out skiing at the lake a couple of days ago and was attacked by the wave board (I think that’s what he called it!). He was still in some pain today, so we decided he better make sure he hadn’t cracked a rib.  Good news: just a bad bruise that will take 2-3 weeks to heal.


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