Where to begin???

I am way behind on my journal entries, so what I hope to do over the course of the next few posts is some backfill on various topics! Here’s the first on life at the library…


Database Clean-up

When last I left you, we had just completed the re-load of 1.4+ million bibliographic records. Whew! New procedures were put into place regarding newly cataloged items – all will be tagged with a 948 subfield z “send to MARS”. (Given my love of space/sci fi, it’s quite appropriate, don’t you think?)

Of course, the aftermath of the clean-up/authority control project wasn’t without problems. The database maintenance librarian and our authority control librarian previously recommended that we manage the re-load of the new authority records without help from Endeavor. That was a good decision because after we began loading authorities, they discovered the files hadn’t be de-duped. Many discussions and several days’ work later, the files have been cleaned up and the re-load process wrapped up. So…. from start to finish: end of June to the end of Aug., about what we estimated. Now we’re reviewing the 100s of pages of reports we received and are prioritizing them. Some will be addressed; others put aside until we implement the monthly pull & re-loads, something we hope to begin in October.


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