Portfolio? What portfolio?

I just finished a blind review of a librarian’s portfolio for tenure and promotion. It’s always interesting to read another organization’s guidelines. Some are pretty tough (i.e., publish or perish). Some are rather vague, leaving lots of room for interpretation. I’ll be doing another one within the next 5 weeks. Must be that time of year!

Speaking of promotion, I’ve decided to go up for full professor. The timeline is a bit crunched this year. Took me a couple of readings of our master calendar to realize that the dates were off. Re the calendar: my portfolio must be turned in for the Committee on Academic Promotion’s review in mid-October. Names of external reviewers are to be turned in by my supervisor and others by Sept. 12. Those reviewers are sent my portfolio and their reviews must be completed by Oct. 1 – uh-oh – that means that the portfolio actually needs to be done by Sept. 12 rather than the mid-October date I was counting on! Guess who will be working nights and weekends for the next few days…

Okay, no need to panic. I’d done a little bit of work on the portfolio during the summer, brought home lots of documentation to go through. (It’s hard to remember all the committee work and other cool things I’ve worked on since I was tenured 5 years ago!) I started updating my CV (which was about a year out of date) a couple of weeks ago. I’m feeling good. The CV and portfolio (at least the front sections that go to external reviewers) should be completed by Tuesday. Then I’ll have a few weeks to organize the entire portfolio.

Now you’re probably wondering what a portfolio consists of, right? Well, for academic librarians at K-State there are about 10 or 11 sections. Let’s see if I remember them: 1) Statement of Accomplishments (can’t exceed 1 page and it can’t be in pt.7 font); 2) Five Year Goals; 3) Directed Service accomplishments (our day-to-day job); 4) Non-Directed Service (service to the organization, the university, and to the profession, for example, work on committees, leadership positions, etc.); 5) Research & Creative accomplishments (such as publications, presentations); 6) all our position descriptions over the years at KSU; 7) all our evaluations; 8) documentation verifying our claims in 3, 4, and 5; 9) Letters of Support; 10) External Reviewer letters; 11) all previous tenure review letters (given to you by the review committee when you’re in the tenure process); 12) Intent to appear letter (i.e., before the review committee)… 12… seems like something is missing, but that’s the bulk of it.

Hmmm… why am I blogging????? I need to get to work!!!


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