Last week at the library…

Why does a 4 day week often seem longer than a 5 day work week? Let’s see, what got crammed into the 4 day week:

  • Clarification about the promotion calendar & deadlines
  • Met with the dean for our regular monthly meeting
  • Regular individual meeting with one of my staff
  • Leadership Council (LLC) meeting with topics such as the copy center, staffing in public services, flex schedule guidelines
  • Finalized the flex schedule guidelines and routing them to the HR coordinator to post to all staff and to the Intranet
  • Meeting on the university’s fund raising initiative trying to get more staff involved
  • University dept. heads roundtable breakfast (a monthly, topical meeting, this one on engaging faculty)
  • Worked on some invoices for e-stuff
  • Dept. meeting & celebration of db clean-up project – cool flashing stars on the cake!
  • NASIG email discussions
  • Met with the binding supervisor and the serials librarian about issues with a branch’s binding
  • Met with the dean and head of Gen Info Srvs and an undergrad interested in library school
  • Reviewed and posted minutes of the dept. meeting; reviewed the LLC minutes
  • Met with the acq librarian and serials librarian about periodical receiving
  • Reviewed Meridian training materials and played in the test database
  • Chatted about K-State football, kids
  • Researched and provided info to collections folks about a couple of upcoming renewals
  • Corresponded with a couple of vendors
  • Added a couple of posts to the Library news & events blog
  • Chatted with a librarian at another institution about serving as an external reviewer
  • “Intervention” dinner with the dean and another librarian
  • Email: deleted lots of spam, read hundreds of messages, responded to some (hmm… I should look at my sent mail and see what my average is)
  • Read new posts on library and other professional blogs
  • Attended 3 different interview sessions for a candidate: open forum/presentation, faculty meeting, LLC meeting; filled out a feedback form for the search committee
  • Re-scheduled some upcoming meetings due to conflicts
  • Signed some travel papers for a staff member going to an upcoming state conference
  • Signed timesheets; approved requests for vacation and sick leave

I imagine I’ve left something off the list!


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