How often do you see multiple vacancies at one institution and think “what’s going on there?”

We have a number of positions we’re recruiting right now – a few weeks ago, I think we had about 8 searches in process for faculty or unclassified positions.  Looks like we have 5 open at the moment.  While that is quite a lot, there are valid reasons for the searches! Two (or is it 3?) are brand new positions.

How often do you hear about an organization adding new positions these days? We’ve actually created at least a half dozen positions in the last 2-3 years: original cataloger, economics librarian (split from business librarian), microtext librarian, resource linking librarian, web development librarian, director of financial services (this used to be combined with our HR director position), and 2 associate deans. In addition to the new positions, we’ve had our share of retirements, resignations, and unfortunately one vacancy created by a death in our “family”.

So we are going crazy with interviews with no end in sight! We’re a great place to work!! Come on down!!



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