Just another week in library-land…

Our wonderful idea to allow more flex hours got hit by a shift differential.  Okay.  I can understand why someone should receive shift differential (.30 an hour) if their job requires them to be at work during certain hours, e.g., after 7pm.  But if an employee chooses to work 1pm-9pm and that doesn’t impact workflow and meetings, works for both supervisor and employee, & allows us to measure the work being done, why should the university require us to pay the differential?

The 509 managers met on Wednesday: that includes me and 4 team leaders from my dept. (cat & ser) and 1 individual from the Collection Services dept.  Usually we have 2 folks from that dept. but the binding supervisor is off visiting the bindery. So the acq librarian met with us and we spent an hour and a half discussing communication “opportunities”,  the Libraries’ gifts policy, tracking duplicates & shelf ready errors (not only at the point of receipt but also when they show up in database maintenance), and early discussions on potential impact of EDI ordering, additional shelf ready processes, and library priorities.

Some of the discussion got carried over to the lunch hour when the acq librarian, his dept. head and I went to the Union to grab a quick bite before our A&O budget committee meeting.  We identified some strategies related to gift policies that the acq librarian can pursue (and so can I for that matter!).

Topics for the budget meeting were the deposit account and credit memos! Agh!

Thursday: reviewed a license, paid a couple of invoices, finalized the LLC minutes, reviewed old email to ensure I’d caught up on other licensing/invoicing emails, filled out a service codes sheet for the faculty I supervise, and attended a couple of meetings.

Oh, you’re probably wondering about my portfolio. I turned in the CV, statements of accomplishments for directed, non-directed, and research & creative activities, and some supporting documentation on the 12th.  Those items head off to external reviewers.  I’ve taken the last few nights off but now I need to get back on track.  My self eval is due in 2 weeks.  The complete portfolio (see my post from a few days ago) gets turned in Oct. 12, but I may have a business trip Oct. 10-14, so I need to get the rest of my things put together by Oct. 9.  No problem.  (I hope.)


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