But it’s boring… isn’t it?

Michael Stephens posted “Why don’t CEOs (library directors) blog…“, which poses some interesting thoughts. I forwarded his post to my dean. She’s supportive of blogging. Just look at our website and you can see what K-State librarians and staff are doing. The dean doesn’t blog… yet. (You may not be able to get to the internal ones. Sorry.)

But Michael’s post got me thinking about my own blog. At this point I’m not doing a lot with it other than using it to communicate life’s events – work, home & fun – to friends. A few of my library colleagues have the URL but I’m not sure they are reading. I figure most folks see the library stuff as boring but as Michael points out, blogging could be a good way to communicate how I spend my days. Many staff don’t have a clue what it means to be an operational manager (i.e., a dept. head). They see me in meetings in my office; they see my office empty for hours a day while I’m in meetings; or they see me running into my office to grab something for my next meeting. (Sometimes I have to wonder myself about what I do!)

My department shares a blog with several units from the Collection Services dept. (acq,binding, preservation). Most of our posts are dept. meeting minutes, managers’ meeting notes, and a couple of policy/procedural items.

No time and fear. Two excuses Michael notes for not blogging. He says, “Tell your story, your day to day adventures, your thoughts on the library and its collection. Blog your plans and strategies.”

So… stay tuned. I’ll let you know if I expand my dept. blog to include more than just the “official” stuff!


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