Self evaluations

Does anyone else find self evals a real chore?

The idea of this workplace ritual that is gaining popularity is to help managers and employees level with each other, applaud achievements, set new goals and identify job-training needs. But these self-evaluations have instead been put on the list of annualized torments, ranking up there with taxes and dental probes.” (J. Sandberg : Wall Street Journal Online:

Oh how true…

I managed to finish mine earlier this week. It’s part of the portfolio that I have to put together for promotion (see my earlier post on that). As a manager, most of my job relates to overseeing that everyone else is doing their job and providing guidance/feedback. My job is to have enough understanding of the various projects my dept. is involved with to represent our interests in the leadership council while balancing those interests with the goals of the organization. I must be aware of events within the library & the university that may impact what we do & how we do it, and keep abreast of developments in the field. Some of that is hard to describe in an eval. Anyone else figured out how to do that?


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