New fall TV shows

I’ve actually managed to watch a few of the new fall tv shows! A few thoughts…

Jericho – mountains in western Kansas??? Other than that, an interesting premise, especially since I live in Kansas, where we have hills – a few big hills – but no where near the size of those that show up in the back drop of Jericho. Anyone driving across western Kansas can confirm that western KS and eastern CO are flat. Very flat. And Denver is at least a 2 hour drive from the KS border. Would someone on the border, 170+ miles away, really be able to see a mushroom cloud over Denver?

Brothers & Sisters – family secrets coming out in episode 2; a night-time soap; boy do they have problems; is there anything happy in this show? I’m really intrigued by this show because I have a draft of a screenplay I recently completed entitled “Little Brother”. It’s the story of a widower and his relationship with his 5 daughters and a son across a 30+ year period. Hmm….

Men In Trees – 21st century Northern Exposure filled with quirky characters. Great cast.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – fast-paced dialogue, diverse cast, trying to put on a SNL-type show. Tough job. Aren’t the former West Wing writers doing this one? Then it probably has a chance. My problem: there is so much going on in scenes (lots of references to current events) that I can’t multi-task while watching the show! I saw ads that episodes can be downloaded from I’ll have to try that out!

Ugly Betty – No opinion yet. I taped the first episode and haven’t had time to watch it.

Back for another year:

Lost – looking forward to the season premiere!

ER – good season opener portends a good year ahead. John Stamos has joined the cast.

Smallville – I’m ready to move past the Clark pining for Lana plotlines… I hope the writers are, too. Some of the episodes got a bit weird last year. Need to catch the reruns (or rent the dvds) – I missed quite a few of them.

Ya’ know – I used to love comedies: MASH, MTM, Cheers, Carol Burnett show. (I know, I’m showing my age.) Where are the good ones now? Ugly Betty?


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