ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute

Seven K-Staters – department heads on our Library Leadership Council — attended this 6 day Institute in Cambridge at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in August. The readings (homework prior to and during the conference) weren’t light by any means, and sometimes a bit dry, but the class discussions of those assignments were invigorating, enlightening and downright fascinating. That may have been in part due to the fabulous faculty at the Institute and being surrounded by 90+ bright colleagues from libraries around the world. It almost made you want to go work on a Ph.D… Almost.

I think my K-State colleagues agree that there is great benefit to sending a group of managers from an organization. This provides a common framework when you’re dealing with difficult issues. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses in simple, straightforward categories (called “frames”) & allows you to call upon your colleagues in areas you are weakest. We’ve used the frames in numerous meetings since August and will be doing some role-playing at an upcoming all staff meeting to talk about what we learned and how it can be applied to many issues we’re dealing with.

Oh… Logan Airport. Our Institute ended a few days after the terrorist plot in London was uncovered so everyone was concerned about flight cancellations, delays, the added security, etc. It is a bit disconcerting to see guardsmen wandering through a terminal with their M-16s (or whatever weapon they carry these days). I got to the airport more than 3 hours before my flight departed for NJ where I was headed for my nephew’s wedding. Some security lines looked pretty long, but the commuter airline I took to Newark had no line at all.


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