Budgets, presentations, blogs, and the great cook-off

It was a fairly quiet week. Hmm… something must be wrong!

Leadership Council (LLC) had a one-topic meeting on the capital budget on Monday. Guess what? We have more projects requiring big $$ than we have $$. No surprise there.

I was about 50 minutes late for the Collections Team meeting on Tuesday because I got side-tracked by an invoicing problem and working on a presentation for Wednesday’s all staff meeting. I really wanted to go to that meeting – topics included our e-migration processes and the beginning of a philosophical discussion on collections (and gift) policies. Our LLC meeting was cancelled so we’d be able to attend a lecture on appreciative inquiry and a memorial for a faculty member’s husband.

Wednesday: I provided an overview of LLC’s participation at the ACRL/Harvard Leadership Institute at the all staff meeting. We had a full agenda with information on university international initiatives, university fund raising campaign, the United Way drive, and something else I’m forgetting…

I had individual meetings with 2 of my staff and “attended” a webcast on OCLC eSerials holdings service on Thursday. OCLC isn’t working with SFX yet, but I imagine that will happen at some point so we’ll be looking at the service in the future.

Our staff association, UPLIFT, sponsored a chili/soup/bread cooking contest. Everyone had the opportunity to taste-test a sample of all the entries. Some of the chili was hot hot hot!! (And I like hot stuff!) I actually voted for a white bean chili that was fairly mild. (One of the spicy chilis won the chili cook-off.) Everything was delicious! We have some fabulous cooks on staff!

On Friday we had a fun 1 hour 509 meeting to do some blog training for folks in our 2 departments. Considering that about half the staff were out, we had a good turnout and helped folks set up a feed reader, practiced setting up feeds, etc. In the afternoon, I had another lively meeting with the acq librarian, serials librarian, and director of financial services about our ledger and fund structures and the lovely deposit accounts. We’re going to take a closer look at the deposit accounts and do something completely different next year so we can track actual expenditures better. What a concept!

In addition to all those things, there were plenty of regular day-to-day items I worked on: invoices, summary stats & its documentation, NASIG stuff, and just playing catch up  from being out 3 days last week.  TGIF!


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