I re-read one of my screenplays over the weekend. It’s tentatively titled “Little Brother”, a title I’m not thrilled about.  It’s sitting at 90 pages.  Needs a bit more drama & foreshadowing so I’m hoping to add another 10-20 pages. Maybe by the time I do that I’ll come up with a better title!

The next ‘chapter’ in the Alex Winger saga is getting closer to completion. This story takes place about 2 years after the events in Betrayal by Knight. I’m hoping that BBK will appear on Hyperspace sometime next year to wrap up the published Alex stories. As for the new story: I’m not happy with one section – it’s a starfighter battle scene.  Oh, for my friends who aren’t Star Wars obsessed, BBK takes place 10 years after SW:Episode 4:  A New Hope. (Uh, that was the original film that came out in 1977.)


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