Too tired to think…

I’ve been struggling since returning from Louisville. My brain is mush. I’m surviving from moment to moment, just barely keeping my head above water it seems.

I had 3 busy days last week. Took Friday off to drive to Kansas City to pick up a friend who was coming up from Texas to watch the KSU-TX football game. We didn’t stop from Friday morning at 10am until I dropped her back at the airport on Sunday at noon. (If you haven’t heard, unranked KSU beat no. 4 TX 45 -42! It’s being called The Miracle in Manhattan. Most fun football game I’ve ever been to!) I came home after the airport run (a 4 hour roundtrip), crashed for 2 hours, then worked on 2 reappointment letters that were due Monday. The letters are based on comments I’d received mid-week from our annual tenure/reappointment committee meeting.

Friday must have been a busy day because I had at least 100 emails to sift through from internal and external sources. Then Monday rolled around. We’re interviewing candidates for associate dean so there was the open forum, the meeting with the faculty, the meeting with the Library Leadership Council (LLC), followed by a reception. I also had 2 meetings with individuals I supervise, and another meeting on workflow issues surrounding periodical receiving. By the end of Monday, I had another 75 email messages I’d received.

Today was another meeting day. Our friends from GWLA (Anne & Adrian) are visiting member libraries in Kansas and we had several wonderful sessions with them discussing collection & digital initiatives, resource sharing, etc. Anne and I go back several years because of our NASIG connection. Anne has been a great mentor/friend.

Other Tuesday stuff: I had a meeting with a subject librarian who is liaison to one of the depts. in the college of business. A faculty member is trying to establish classes in Nigeria and is wondering if we can provide any information on accessing/subscribing to e-resources. LLC had another ‘philosophical’ discussion on our professional development budget. We’ve been pretty generous the last 2 years but may need to tighten our belt without penalizing individuals who travel or seek professional development funds infrequently.

Upcoming: another AD candidate tomorrow, so in addition to the 3 sessions I have to attend (see above), I also have lunch with the candidate tomorrow. We also have an all-staff meeting in the morning. (I have to remember to print the leadership orientation quiz (more about that another time)!) I also have a meeting on electronic usage statistics.

Thursday: 4 meetings, including the open forum for the AD. Friday: shhhh! don’t tell anyone there are only 2 appointments on my calendar!!


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