Pulling the right stuff

My brain is numb from looking at SQL queries for our summary statistics. Original catalogers and the head of government publications had the 2nd of 3 scheduled meetings today to sift through the queries we’re using to pull data out of our Voyager ILS.

Our programmer from the digital initiatives dept. provided us documentation that runs 54 pages long! Okay, it includes some graphics that we don’t need. It does need a slightly fuller appendix that includes details/definitions from bib 007s & 008s. (It has some, but not all, and also includes the MFHD 007 & 008 definitions.)

We actually only found a few queries that aren’t pulling all the right stuff. Most won’t cause any significant changes to numbers we’ve already reported out for FY06. One query where we might see a fairfly significant bump is in “number of volumes purchased”. We had to go back and review some bulk import profiles for materials received shelf-ready and discovered that we hadn’t been coding the MFHD Method of Acq as “p” for purchase. They are “u” – unknown. Apparently, if you want to create a holdings & item record at the point bibs are brought in, you can’t also code the MFHD008.

We also discussed ebooks and how we’ve counted (or not counted) those. It appears we’ve left them out of some counts. We may need to create a new location code for ebooks we’ve purchased vs. those we’ve leased. Fortunately, I’d guess that 98% of our current ebooks are leased and use the same code.

So my job this weekend is to put together the list of “fixes” needed so they can be routed to the programmer on Monday. Hopefully we’ll get those taken care of and I can attempt to decipher & complete the ACRL Supplementary Statistics questionnaire within the next 2 weeks. (The first part of the survey is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t cause too many headaches… it’s that supplementary piece that may require a few margaritas or a mudslide or two!)


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