Post-holiday catch up…

Youngest son Jeff & I did the “feast” thing on Thanksgiving. It was a small feast – turkey tenderloin, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, and rolls.  No pumpkin pie – that’s never been something I cared for anyway so I certainly didn’t miss it!  We had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. You know, one of those big cookie-cake things. I knew the kids would eat that. Jen stopped by Thursday evening & visited after spending the day in Salina with her boyfriend’s family.  Overall, it was a pleasant, quiet day.  I watched the Macy’s parade, old movies and season1/disc 1 of Lost!

On Friday, I headed north to Omaha to visit friend Sarah. We had a great time shopping, dining, chatting, watching old & new movies and hanging out. (I don’t think either of us really contributed to Black Friday sales!) Omaha is a neat city. Like other cities, its downtown is being revitalized – lots of restaurants, shops & nightlife. Old warehouses are being converted to condos that most of us can’t afford.

Sarah and I tried to put together a storage bench she’d bought for her kitchen/dining area.  We spent a good 40 minutes  trying to fit dowels into holes. Needless to say, we weren’t successful.  I have NEVER enjoyed putting furniture together. I think I stopped buying that type of stuff several years ago because I turned into a raving lunatic during construction. Fortunately, Sarah and I just laughed, shook our heads, and said “forget this”!  We had much better luck playing with FLICKR.  Sarah had just set up an account to post pictures of her daughter’s wedding but she hadn’t had time to explore it, so explore she did!

I headed home early Sunday after a fun 2 days so I’d have time to get some chores done. Nothing like spending a Sunday afternoon/evening deleting the spam from my work email, doing laundry, working in the yard, and reviewing the ACRL stats instructions which I started working on yesterday!

Hope you had a pleasant holiday weekend!


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