No time for posting…

Whoa… where’d November go? For that matter, where’d the year go?

I haven’t posted too much recently. It gets darker earlier but I’m not home from work any earlier. By the time I walk in the door most nights it’s 6pm. Eat dinner, read the paper, go through the mail, clean up the kitchen after dinner… it’s 7 or later. (I don’t cook much during the week thank goodness or it would be 8pm before I finished those chores!)

My wireless connection hasn’t been cooperating, which means that I’m not online as much in the evenings. I have to go the office/guest room to ‘plug in’ if I want to be online. The set-up isn’t very comfortable, so I’m not inclined to sit there for hours working online. When I worked from the living room sofa, I tended to be more connected.

Okay… I’m also not online as much because I’ve gotten hooked on a few network tv shows! First time I can say that in years! I’m watching Heroes, Studio 60, Men in Trees, ER, Lost, Jericho, & usually taping Ugly Betty so I can watch Smallville. I don’t get the expanded cable line up – cancelled that over a year ago. I miss HGTV and Food Network and some TLC shows.

There wasn’t anything worth watching tonight so I’ve actually been online since 8pm – almost 3 hours. I checked & responded to personal email, caught up on my blog reading (did I mention I have about 80 feeds?), & booked a flight for my son so he can catch up with the cheer squad in Houston for the Texas Bowl after Christmas. I had hoped to review several conference site proposals this evening but it’s getting late so I think I’ll close up shop for the evening. Need a good night’s sleep so I’m ready for my dept. meeting tomorrow.


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