No escape from work…

Greetings from Florida where I’m on vacation. Thank you public libraries everywhere for allowing free Internet access to those of us who travel and don’t have a connection from parents or siblings homes. Starbucks and Panera Bread have free wi-fi, too. What enlightened people!!

I’ve been at Mom’s for a week, checking my work email every other day. I’m not really a workaholic! Honest! I just don’t want to attempt to read a couple thousand emails when I go back to work in January. Thank goodness the next 4-5 days should be fairly quiet in email world.

The folks back in Kansas had a busy week considering it was the week before the holiday and classes/finals had ended the week before. There was a flood of email regarding using our SFX A-Z list subject categories to create canned searches for subject guides. The leadership council was discussing our temporary patch for dealing with building evacuation when the fire alarms go off. Fire & smoke are certainly critical, but water leaks resulting from activation of the fire suppression system could be a nightmare! There were also a number of emails about various subscriptions, licenses, invoices.

I bet I had somewhere between 40-60 internal emails a day (including spam that had to be deleted). Then there were the external emails – I was able to hit the delete key on a lot more spam and quickly perused the emails from vendors & publishers. I can’t do much with those until I get back to work and have access to files on the LAN. (If I was a workaholic, I’d insist on being able to access those files!)

My NASIG-related email, which gets funneled to a separate folder so it’s easy to identify, wasn’t too bad except for a flurry of messages regarding the timeline for our upcoming N&E activities. I emailed the board today to commend them for their collaborative spirit. What a great, hard-working board we have! The other major email was regarding reviewing & refining the contract for our 2008 conference. I think the hotel we’re dealing with was surprised by our negotiating skills! (Working with publisher license agreements has made us pretty savvy!)


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