Christmas in Florida

Merry Christmas from Florida.  We are watching the weather today. The counties to the west are under a tornado watch. The storms are headed toward us so it may be a rough afternoon.  Son Joel has to drive into the mess shortly so he can see his dad for their Christmas celebration. He will drive back, bringing Jen & Jeff, for Christmas evening at Mom’s. I’ll be really nervous about them driving with these storms around…

I was looking for dishes to serve dinner. (Carole & Steve will be up in a couple of hours to help prepare the traditional lasagne!) I thought Mom had a Christmas set of dishes but I can’t find them.  I did find a couple of other treasures: a cookbook from 1942 that belonged to my paternal grandmother, Clara Bailey Newcomb.  She inscribed her name on the first page. A second cookbook was published by the women’s club of St. Paul’s Catholic church in Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1984. I glanced at the recipes – found 2 of mom’s (but not her famous lasagne or spaghetti sauce!) – and saw at least a dozen familiar names.

More memories…  Mom has a hard time throwing away things.  In one drawer of the buffet there were mailing labels (hundreds!), ancient extension cords that are probably a fire hazard, empty boxes, an unopened picture frame, and old cards from friends and relatives. One of the cards included a letter from relatives on Dad’s side of the family. I probably met these folks when I was kid visiting dad’s family in Iowa. (Let’s see, last time I was there would’ve been late 60s/early 70s!)  They are Bailey relatives and the letter is signed by Karen, probably Clara’s niece.  The letter wasn’t in an envelope so I’ll have to scrounge through Mom’s address book to see if I can find their address.

Great way to spend Christmas morning… old memories.


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