Back in Kansas…

I had a very long and expensive day on Thursday. My flight got in 25 minutes early and I didn’t have to rush since Jen’s plane wouldn’t arrive for another 10+ hours. I borrowed the wifi at the Kansas City airport and checked email then decided to head to Leawood for lunch and shopping. Since my car had been sitting idle in economy parking for 2 weeks I was thrilled when it started right up! But within a few minutes I noticed it was idling funny and seemed to sputter and hesitate when I hit the gas. I headed south (or west?) on I-435 and within 10 minutes the engine light started to blink. Oh joy…

I pulled off near the Kansas speedway and called my local auto guys who suggested I get it checked right away. (It definitely would NOT have been fun to head west on I-70 at night and have the thing die. There are some lonely stretches of road in KS.) The 800 roadside assistance folks gave me the number for a KCK dealership and fortunately, they were less than 10 miles from where I’d pulled off the road.

While the mechanics worked on the car I went to lunch then shopped at Legends & Nebraska Furniture Mart (I love that store!) at the speedway. Spent about 4 hours there before getting picked up by the driver from the dealership. Still had to wait another hour before the car was done. Cracked gasket, coils and spark plugs. OUCH!

So… working vehicle back in hand, I still had 4 hours ’til Jen’s plane arrived. I headed to the movie theater and watched Eragon. Good movie. Headed to Cracker Barrel to get a late dinner before going to the airport. Jen’s flight was 15 minutes late so we didn’t get on the road until nearly 11pm. By 1am we were home.


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