Back to work

Hard to believe I’ve been out of the office since Dec. 13. Why is it always hard to get back to work? Of course, I’ve been doing bits and pieces of work for the last 2 weeks and started some serious work last night: evaluations for 5 of my staff must be completed by Jan. 12. The next 8 work days are packed with meetings so I don’t expect that I’ll have time to write the evals at work.

What do I have to look forward to over the next few days:

  1. responding to the ‘critical’ email I didn’t delete over the last 2 weeks, including some related to license agreements, invoicing information, vendor/publisher queries – for whatever reason I saved more than 60 messages on my internal email and about 40 from external sources! I don’t know why I saved them all. Must be something in there that I felt I’d either need to respond to or needed to remember! Will I actually have time to respond to them? do I need to?
  2. dept. meeting Wed. morning followed by our dept. of the month planning/rehearsal (We do our ‘show’ on Jan. 17.)
  3. “walk in my shoes” – job “exchange” Wed. afternoon with members of my dept. and the general info services staff (general reference, circ, reserves). This sounded like a fun idea when the head of GIS and I talked about it in early December. We thought it would be an “easy” way to start off the new year before the rush of students return for spring semester
  4. strategic planning meeting
  5. mentors meeting
  6. residency review committee – meeting with new director of HR
  7. e-resources working group – planning phase 2 of the migration from print to e
  8. leadership council meeting
  9. dept. heads retreat
  10. budget meeting
  11. annual review meetings with 5 individuals
  12. interfaces team meeting
  13. collections team meeting
  14. prep for NASIG board meeting and ALA mid-winter

I think that’s enough “to-do’s”.


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