That “to-do” list

Thought I’d update you on progress…

  1. responding to the ‘critical’ email I didn’t delete over the last 2 weeks, including some related to license agreements, invoicing information, vendor/publisher queries – for whatever reason I saved more than 60 messages on my internal email and about 40 from external sources! I don’t know why I saved them all. Must be something in there that I felt I’d either need to respond to or needed to remember! Will I actually have time to respond to them? do I need to?
  2. dept. meeting Wed. morning followed by our dept. of the month planning/rehearsal (We do our ’show’ on Jan. 17.)
  3. “walk in my shoes” – job “exchange” Wed. afternoon with members of my dept. and the general info services staff (general reference, circ, reserves). This sounded like a fun idea when the head of GIS and I talked about it in early December. We thought it would be an “easy” way to start off the new year before the rush of students return for spring semester
  4. strategic planning meeting
  5. mentors meeting
  6. residency review committee – meeting with new director of HR
  7. e-resources working group – planning phase 2 of the migration from print to e
  8. leadership council meeting
  9. dept. heads retreat
  10. budget meeting
  11. annual review meetings with 5 individuals
  12. interfaces team meeting
  13. collections team meeting
  14. prep for NASIG board meeting and ALA mid-winter

I still have at least 2 emails I haven’t had a chance to investigate and there’s little chance I’ll get to them tomorrow because of meetings. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow up on them by Friday afternoon.

Feedback on the “walk in my shoes” day will be posted on our dept. blog sometime in the next few days, so keep an eye on I will tell you it was a successful experiment!

The strat planning meeting was an staff apppreciation meeting with an update on what’s next. We’re still waiting to see the final complete version of the plan. That’s expected toward the end of January. There are some big items related to digital initiatives, many of which will require buy-in at a higher level and will require additional resources ($$ and staff). Everyone at the library is really excited about the work that’s been done. I’ll post a link on this blog to the final version when it’s available on our website.

We discussed ideas for topical meetings for our mentees at the mentors meeting, much of it based on feedback from the mentees (our pre-tenured faculty and unclassified professional staff). Mentees want more than our one annual meeting on the tenure review process. They’d like a nuts-and-bolts meeting on how to put together a tenure portfolio. They’d also like us to re-visit the format and contents of that annual meeting – definitely a good idea – it’s a bit formal and too much lecture so there must be a better way!

The HR director and I got input/direction from the leadership council (LLC) on our post-MLS residency program and met on Monday to get our process in place. (I forgot to include the LLC retreat on Friday! We did some personnel planning.)

I got 3 assignments (publishers) to investigate cost and licensing for e-only titles from the e-resource TF meeting. Others in the group have similar tasks – I think we’re investigating about 10 different publishers. Our acq librarian is coordinating some data gathering, including info on our print usage stats on the titles.

The univ. dept. heads retreat topic was conflict resolution. This was an excellent session, one of the most useful I’ve ever attended on this topic. I’ll attempt to summarize highlights of that meeting in a post on my dept. blog.

And LLC’s meeting today dealt mainly with a summary report from our organizational design team. The group did a follow up with individual depts. to assess changes made since we reorganized in the summer of 2005. Apparently we still have some work to do, including communicating what the role of the LLC actually is – are we a strategic group? decision-making? visionary? operational?

So, there’s still a few items left on the list for the next few days, plus:

15. completing 2 more evals (by tomorrow night)!
16. attending interview sessions with 3 candidates for our humanities librarian position
17. dinner with candidate on Friday evening (assuming the candidate makes it here  – ice/snow predicted!)

Is it Friday yet?


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