Winter arrived today. It was 66 yesterday. Today’s high was around 22.  Sleet, wind, a bit of sun, and dang cold!

I spent the day working on changes to a license agreement. I thought there might be major challenges with the publisher – it seemed that the majority of their clients are businesses rather than academics. However, the first round of requested changes I sent 2 days ago came back with an almost instant “no problem”!  What an enlightened group!!  Anyway, I finally sent the document out to them around 4:00.  I reviewed another new journal package/license our collections folks want. Entered that into our contract database and got an email off to the publisher about the lack of info concerning perpetual access to subscribed content.

I only got to meet with 2 of 3 staff who had annual reviews today. (I met with 2 others yesterday.)  The 3rd had to do a campus & city tour with a candidate we interviewed because the real estate agent cancelled due to the weather.  I’ll have to reschedule that annual review for Tuesday.

Shortly after 4pm we received word that the President was closing all campus offices at 4:30 because of the weather. We were scheduled to be open until 6pm and had an evening concert scheduled in the building.  I guess I forgot to mention that I’ve been acting dean (or queen bee) since Wednesday.  So, I met with our facilities director and the head of general information services to discuss our options, including what we would do over the weekend since we’d planned to be opened Sat. & Sun.  We chose to close down at 5pm and these 2 great folks would stay until the concert began and make sure things were running smoothly. Our regular evening security folks would close the place after the concert.  At 7am, I’ll have to do a check of the weather and the road conditions and talk to our facilities director to determine whether we’ll open at 9am as scheduled. If we choose to close, I’ll have to contact our webmaster and get info on the website by 8am – we told our student employees to check there to see if they needed to come to work.  Oh boy!  The dean owes me a drink after this!  The last time she put me in charge we had to evacuate the building because the fire alarms went off…    Am I having fun or what?


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