To cousin Steve in Seattle: forgive my addled brain for not attempting to contact you while I was in Seattle. Can I declare a brain overload that started last summer with much-too-much (mostly) business travel? Seems like I’ve been going non-stop, trying to play catch-up at work, then turning around and traveling again! I’d barely been back at work after a 3 week break in December when ALA MidWinter in Seattle loomed. So I traveled to your fair city and managed to get about 6 hours of site-seeing in before and/or after meetings, dinner meetings, and room service!

Photos of my trip…

I stayed at the Renaissance Seattle (formerly Renaissance Madison) at 6th & Madison. Great location. Four-5 blocks from the convention center, within walking distance of several hotels where meetings were also held, and a block from the Seattle Public Library.

Seattle Public Library: whoa. What can you say? Even if you don’t like the look, the architecture is amazing. Glass, metal and steel. Soaring ceilings. Light – lots of natural light! And colors – the red floor was rather claustrophobic but fascinating. And they have free wireless! Woo-hoo!!

Seattle hills: I never realized how hilly Seattle is. A tour bus operator – we did the 3 hour “Show Me Seattle” tour – told us that the term “skid row” originated in Seattle because they moved lumber from the hillsides down to the waterfront on Skid Road. [Origin: 1930–35, Americanism; earlier skid road an area of a town frequented by loggers, orig. a skidway]

Pike Market: I only managed to spend about an hour at the market – not nearly enough time to take it all in. What a fabulous place! Fresh, off-the-boat seafood. Beautiful vegetables! Many other exotic wares. The original Starbucks is located at there! Speaking of coffee: Starbucks or other coffee on practically every block downtown and in the convention center. A coffee lover’s dream come true…

Dining choices galore but I didn’t have the opportunity to get out too much! Wild Ginger was fabulous! We had a family-style dinner so we were able to taste a lot of dishes.Shopping: Nordstroms, the original store. What more could you ask for? I contributed to the health of Seattle’s economy by purchasing 2 pairs of shoes there.

The Convention Center: escalators that touched the sky (well, almost). Rather than being spread out across multiple city blocks like many convention centers where you walk for miles, this one went up and up at least 6 flights. And these weren’t normal flights. I think the only other place I recall seeing such huge escalators was at the airport in Atlanta.

The Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, the sci-fi museum… I attended a reception at the science center. Wish I’d had more more to be a tourist. Maybe next time I won’t be in Seattle for a library conference and I’ll have just vacation time there!

I hope to link some photos eventually so y’all come back now, ya’ hear!


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