News junkie?

I didn’t post too much in January and here we are a week into February. I need to post some library stuff, but I’m just going to ramble for the moment…
I got in my car at 5:30 after walking from my office down to the parking lot this afternoon. Don’t know why I looked at the clock when I turned on the ignition, but I did. And my first thought when I saw the time: I’ll be home in time to catch some of the national news. I don’t get home many nights before 6 and ever since I cancelled the extended cable – sorry, I just have a problem paying $60+ a month to watch the 2-3 stations I usually tuned in – I don’t get much of my national news from the old tv.

You see, I was raised on the news. CBS, of course. (This was in pre-cable days.) Dad worked for a local affiliate, WSPA, in Spartanburg, SC. He’d be home every night by 6:30 and we’d sit at the dinner table and watch Walter Cronkite. He was a fixture in our house! Of course, we watched the local station news from 6-6:30 – Dad was the weatherman in the ’60s. Later he became the station’s public affairs director so he’d actually be home at 6 to watch the local news with us. He would cringe every time there was a blank screen between the broadcast and a commercial break – those seconds meant $$!

So the news habit stayed with me when I left home and joined the Navy. I stayed with Walter on CBS until he retired. I got into CNN Headline News when cable came along and that was fabulous because I could get highlights of news events any time of the day or night. This worked great when I moved from the east coast to the midwest (in ’96) where the national news comes on at 5:30. Because of my work schedule, I rarely watched CBS news, which was fine because I really disliked Dan R. Ya’ know, he was fine as a reporter, but when he took over as anchor I just didn’t enjoy the news as much! I got into the habit – on those rare occasions – of watching the NBC national news. Tom B. is okay. Peter J. on ABC was good, too (is he still there?).

These days, my national news tv watching is rare. I get my fix in slightly different ways: is my homepage on my home computer. I scan the headlines everytime I click on my browser. I read a few articles. I’m subscribed to email news alerts from cnn and – I started that right after 9/11. It comes in handy – that’s where I heard about all the tornados that hit Florida (where most of my family now lives) last week. Saw that email alert and immediately headed to to see what counties had been hit. Fortunately, the closest one was about 25 miles north of my family.

I get some national news from the local newspaper but I’m not much of a newspaper or news magazine reader. Okay, here’s my library-related piece for this post: keeping up with the professional literature has never been one of my strong suits, but the advent of RSS feeds and blogs has allowed me to scan & read items of interest. You can’t tell it from my own blogroll (where I’ve only linked to couple of the blogs I follow), but I monitor 42 external blogs & 25 internal blogs plus another 10 or so “fun” blogs on my bloglines account.

News junkie? Yeah, I think so.


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