Portfolios review & reappointment meetings

Busy week last week…

I spent quite a few hours reviewing portfolios of 5 individuals. All 5 were in year 1, up for their first reappointment. The accomplishments of our pre-tenure librarians never ceases to amaze me. They’ve already presented or published. Some have taken on leadership roles in the library as chairs/co-chairs of committees/task forces. One was elected to the university faculty senate, another is treasurer for a state-wide KLA round table, and another has been appointed to an ALA committee. Pretty impressive group!

The reappointment meeting was on Friday, and of course, the proceedings are confidential. Pre-tenured folks always feel the whole process is mysterious. I’m not sure what we can do to de-mystify the process. The procedures are available to all; the reappointment, tenure & promotion criteria are on our LAN. I can only suggest that pre-tenure folks ask questions of the old-timers! We’ll answer what we can! Obviously, we cannot go into specifics about any individual but we can talk about the expectations we have of junior faculty.  My advice: do talk to more than one or two tenured faculty!  Take the written comments you’ll receive from your supervisor to heart. Address any concerns expressed!  As for this round, the tenured faculty must provide written comments to the supervisor and dean by Tuesday afternoon, so I have some homework to do this weekend!

The portfolio process – especially in the first year – can be excruciating. We always encourage new librarians to talk to their colleagues and to review their portfolios with their supervisors and mentors. We have a formal mentor system in place, one that is much improved from previous years. We don’t want to hand-hold, but many of our tenured faculty are more than willing to offer advice!

I also need to update my NASIG committees spreadsheet. Emails are coming in from committee chairs regarding their committee members eligibility for reappointment and their recommendations for new co-chairs or chairs-in-training. Next week I have to get the “calling all volunteers” message out to the listserv. The next few weeks will be crazy as I try to place folks! Did I mention the manual that describes this process is 20 pages long?!

Our E-Resource Work Group met on Wednesday to review the status of the 8-10 publishers we’re looking at converting to online-only. The Libraries’ “Moving Beyond Paper” statement & criteria will be updated slightly next week. The title lists were taken to the Collections Team meeting. Subject specialists will start sharing that information with academic faculty and the final title lists are supposed to be ready by April 15. Hard to believe the renewal verification cycle is just around the bend…

Our Library Interfaces Team (LIT) agreed to remove “Login” from the toolbar on the library web pages, except from the catalog. The chair has wanted to do this for some time since magic on the back end allows for recognition of off-campus IPs and prompts the user for their eID when necessary. The team reviewed some new 3D stack guides that will be linked shortly and got an introduction to a wiki that some staff have been playing with. Apparently, trying to migrate html pages to the wiki is not pretty, so we don’t plan to migrate any part of our site wholesale, but may use the wiki to create new pages. Oh boy! More fun with technology!

Oh, one of my colleagues has started his own personal blog where he contemplates libraries, library2.0, web2.0 + business: “One librarian’s exploration of ways that libraries can learn from other industries to grow and thrive!” Check out The Thinking Library. It’s well worth reading!


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