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Scott P. talks about organizational transparency over on his blog. Apparently MLA is concerned about the potential issues social networking tools might raise. I wonder if professional organizations comprised of librarians are different from libraries’ staffs. Are members of a professional org more likely to particpate in blogging, post more controversial comments?

I have experience in the library blog world. Our leadership council decided to put notes from our meetings up on a blog as a way to be more communicative, encourage interactive chat, and promote that same organizational transparency that Scott mentions. Can’t say we’ve been wildly successful considering we do have topics that can be considered controversial at times!

Some of our library team blogs – especially from those folks in public services (instruction & reference) – are communicating up a storm! They are sharing ideas! I haven’t noticed any tension amongst the contributors. Maybe everyone is too polite and takes those conversations to their colleagues in a different manner.

NASIG moved its Newsletter to blog format a few months ago also hoping to generate some chat amongst the members. Unfortunately, we just realized that commenting required login. We’re trying to get rid of that. Considering that the announcement of our 2008 conference site generated quite a few email messages on the listserv, it would have been interesting to see if that conversation would have taken place on the blog…


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