I’d read about LibraryThing, look at it briefly a while back, and finally decided to take the plunge one night earlier this week when I had nothing better to do (or was trying to avoid doing the work I’d brought home or house cleaning, bill paying – you get the idea).

Like any librarian, I have a home library – shelf after shelf, bookcases in practically every room of the house, books piled on the floor, on tabletops, in a corner. I got tired of dusting around books that I just knew I planned to read again or use to write that historical fiction I once thought about. So I donated my collection to the library, except of course, for my Star Wars collection and a few other items I could not stand to part with.

I decided to catalog my Star Wars collection on LibraryThing. I added the link to my blogroll so you’re welcome to “check out” the 84 (as of today) items there. I added the majority of my mainstream novels (the ‘”adult” lines from Bantam & Del Rey pubs) but still have dozens more to enter. It’s interesting to see the cataloging that’s been used: is it a Spectra publication or a Del Rey publication? is “Star Wars” part of the title or not? Does that really matter? (Well, to a cataloger it would but I won’t go there now!)  Thankfully, LibraryThing let’s me edit titles. It’s cool to tag items, too, so I can easily retrieve all the x-wing novels, all the NJO ones, or those that take place in a certain time period. Let’s see… what else can I do to avoid doing the laundry this afternoon…


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