Sunday in the garden & tax time

I got out the pruning shears and the hedge trimmer on Sunday and my aching muscles are telling me that they atrophied during the winter months. My arms hurt in places that have never hurt before. I sliced my middle finger pretty good – I don’t think I did it with the hedge trimmer though it certainly is a nice straight cut, not something I could have done on a thorny rose bush. Ah well.

So I cut back the rose shrubs, trimmed the grass (the tall wavy kind – what is that called? it might be a type of pampas grass but this variety only grows slightly over 5 feet) and 6 Black Knight bushes down to about 8 inches, the coreopsis down to the ground, and removed the dead stuff from around the Catmint, the daylilies and the sedum.

I filled 2 huge bags and the humongous trash can with the cuttings and that was just the back- and side- yard. I hope the weather cooperates so I can do the front and south sides of the house this weekend. There are butterfly bushes, artemisia, and more sedum to trim back there plus a few other odds and ends to clean out. Then it’s mulch time. Lots of mulch.

On the indoor front: I e-filed my taxes this weekend! Glad to have that out of the way even if I do owe the state a few bucks. The federal refund will be used to pay off the new sofa & chair I bought in January (my early promotion gift to myself)! Actually, I need to pull out the paperwork to see when the “no interest until xxx” takes effect because if that doesn’t happen for many more months, it would be wiser to pay off that credit card that’s been going at 0% interest for a while before that benefit ends.


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