I’m dreaming (or having nightmares) about SQL

It’s spring break here so it’s quiet around the library, on campus, and around town. I only have a handful of meetings so I hope to go back through old email to verify that something hasn’t fallen through the cracks. It is so hard to keep track of everything that is in process, that I’m waiting for responses on, or that I meant to follow up on or respond to. (Anyone else have this problem?)

Oh… SQL. Ugly stuff. Especially when you stare at it for 4-5 hours in one day. I had to review notes from our last collection stats review because we’d left that meeting with a number of questions. Did we get cm, dm, and tm added to a number of queries looking for monograph-related items? Did we include the correct “e” locations on a few other questions? Did we want to include a count of bibs without item records in our total volumes and added volumes numbers? Is that query for net added or gross? What the heck are the 156 things (and 30,000 left from the old manual counts) we’re pulling in the report on cartographic items? Apparently all our maps & atlases live in the gov collection, which isn’t part of the query. What fun, eh?!

We’re setting up a demo with our tech guy to review a couple of the queries for microforms. The query is much more complicated and is not intuitive when you’re reading the documentation. We’re hoping that by seeing it pulled together we’ll be able to provide some extra notes and commentary in the documentation, too, which will provide some useful reminders as we work through the FY07 stats.


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