This one’s for Tara…

My colleague Tara said I need to post every day but, as I told her, sometimes the brain is dead by the end of the day and there’s no energy left to even think about something to write. I would love to wax philosophical on library topics but I’m really not too good at that. I’d probably bore people to death if I tried it! I don’t even wax philosophical on Star Wars these days, one of my favorite topics. If I did, I’d have a blog over at

Laurel invited the entire library over to her home for a picnic this evening. The turn-out wasn’t huge, the rain held off until after we’d all eaten, and we had a great time! (Thanks, Laurel!)  We cooked hot dogs over the fire, munched on cheese & crackers, fruit & veggies, and made s’mores! Yummie!

I got home a bit ago and scanned the tv to find nothing of interest on. Raising Helen arrived in the mail from NetFlix but I’m not in the mood to sit still and watch a movie for 2 hours.  A bill also arrived in the mail so I thought I’d go pay that online since I had already turned the computer on. Tried to log on and apparently the bank card company has some new security thing in place, so now I’m waiting for a message to show up in the email – ha! 2 minutes they said – so I can input the code and log on to the website….  Hmm…. it’s been almost 10 minutes.  Guess the mail servers at work are on dinner break.

Okay. No interesting tv. Guess I’ll pull out the new Tim Zahn Star Wars novel “Allegiance” and start reading!

Goodnight, Tara.


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