The vacuum is dead

It must be a sign. My vacuum choked. Again. It’s the second one I’ve killed in the last 2 years. I managed to keep the previous 2 alive for a total of about 8 years. We don’t like each other, these vacuums and me.  The first was probably the most expensive. I started buying cheaper ones after that – surely that isn’t the reason.  These last 2 have been the bagless type. I refuse to go with a bag system again. Can’t stand the things.  But I also don’t want to buy an expensive bagless ones since I seem to have an amazing propensity to kill the things. Do I have something against house cleaning? Don’t answer that. It’s a rhetorical question.


One thought on “The vacuum is dead

  1. We had a similar problem recently but it wasn’t me! it was my husband who killed it. I think he certainly has something against house cleaning. We bought a bagless one for less then $200 few days ago. So far, Jimmy used it only once, and I don’t have enough data to recommend it or not. It was a best seller in Amazon. I guess it had a 1 year limited warranty, but sometime you can extend the warranty for couple of more years.

    Good luck for the next one!

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