Drowning in spreadsheets

I’ve been heavily embroiled in NASIG-related work the last couple of weeks. I’m identifying spots on NASIG’s 15+ committees for new volunteers and repeaters. (Don’t worry – email about your assignment will be coming very soon!) I believe I’ve identified all co-chairs except for one and have been in touch with those individuals. Emails are flying through the ether. That’s the first step in the notification process. Co-chairs done, others assigned to committees. Rosters sent to the board for a quick look-see and shortly (i.e., tomorrow) the rosters go to the current and incoming chairs. Then I begin contacting all the committee volunteers to let them know their assignment, their term, their chairs/co-chairs, etc.

Oh yes… those spreadsheets. I started with last year’s list handed down to me by the current Pres. I created a new one of all the new volunteers, copied the old list and identified a column to note that current committee members notified me if they were interested in reappointment. If they chose not to remain on the same committee, I moved them to the spreadsheet of “new” folks. Then there’s the spreadsheet with the outgoing chairs, board, and committee members. Of course, being paranoid like I sometimes am, I have multiple versions of the spreadsheets saved in various places – network drive at work, my home computer and on a flash drive. And being the cataloger that I am (or was) they are dated for authority control so I know I’m using the most current version! I did discover I’d lost one name in the process but happily there’s a home for that individual. I need to carefully review my original spreadsheet to ensure no one else dropped off the final list. It’s a real juggling act.

Okay, enough blogging. It’s time to start composing the emails for the committee chairs and then the individual emails to all 120 or so volunteers.


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