Of ERMs, licenses, and RFPs…

I hate it when I get through a day and then have to stop and think about what I accomplished. Friday started off with a dead car battery. (Actually this happened Thursday but since I couldn’t do anything about it then, I’ll just pretend it happened Friday.)

AAA came and jumped the car. I headed to the dealership, dropped the vehicle off after showing them why the battery died: have you ever had brake lights that would NOT turn off? There was a traffic mess on highway 24 due to construction so it took about 25 minutes to get to work. (Usually it’s a 10 minute drive from the dealership.)

I had written a “to-do” list that included prepping 2 license agreements, paying a couple of invoices, finalizing my position description and performance plan so the boss and I could sign off on it, reviewing notes and needs for next week’s A&O budget meeting, reading through quotes for e-stuff from UCP and Elsevier, and playing catch up on work and NASIG e-mail since I’d been out of the office for a “vacation” for 8 days.

With the NASIG conference just about 6 weeks away, NASIG work continues to heat up. I’ve been sending out committee assignments to volunteers so there was a lot of confirmation email to sort through. We are also trying to finalize a technology RFP so that needed a phone consultation. Then there were emails on speaker hotel rooms. Never a dull moment!

Dave stopped by to talk about our Verde installation. The folks in his department decided we would go with the remote install. I was able to get that license faxed so hopefully we’ll have an install date soon. (Oh goodie! More work to do! It’ll be worth it if Ex Libris gets a link to Voyager acq set up!)

Invoices paid. Purchase order for new book trucks signed. Lunch with Cherie. Afternoon meeting on receiving workflow canceled. Update on bulk import for ACLS history e-books MARC records. More NASIG stuff. Discussion on summer staffing needs for desktop support (which will be minus 2 of its 3 student employees). I completely missed the hub-bub when one of our staff fell down a flight of stairs and was taken to the ER… I hope she’s okay!

Still to do: 1 license (need the dean’s sig), the PD and perf plan, those quotes for the e- , and finalize the tech RFP so that can go out next week.  And of course, more NASIG stuff!!


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