Why YOU should go to NASIG

NASIG’s conference registration opened a few weeks ago. We have an exciting conference planned in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of May/early June. The horses may not be running at Churchill Downs but you’ll see several hundred serialists wandering the lovely Galt House and the streets of downtown Louisville for a few days. They’ll enjoy some great programming, participate in invigorating discussions, and have the opportunity to network with colleagues.

I love these conferences. We aren’t too big. Most of us stay in the same hotel since we grew too big for the campus environment a few years ago.  NASIG is casual. No suits and ties please!  We have a few meals together throughout the 3+ day event. It isn’t like ALA where you have to make an appointment to get with old friends, vendor reps, or publishers. You just sit at a table in our conference area and you’re immediately surrounded by folks who are doing the same thing you do, who are dealing with the same issues – whether it’s cataloging and e-resource workflows and management, serials and e- acquisitions, or collection development. You can talk to a publisher, a subscription agent, or a vendor across a dinner table, not across an exhibit table.  It’s a great way to informally learn about the issues that they are dealing with and to share with them the ways of life in an academic library (or public or special library).  Another thing I enjoy about NASIG is the opportunity to get to know more individuals because I see them at the conference year after year.  I can go days at ALA and only see a half dozen folks that I know.  So… if you are in the serials or e- business, get yourself to NASIG!!


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