Work week wrap-up

It was nearing 5pm Friday when I looked at my to-do list. I actually completed almost everything on it this week.

  • Two licenses processed, signed, and mailed.
  • A&O budget estimates prepared for meeting. We’re going to build in about 7% for serials and e- inflation for FY08. We increased the binding budget a bit since we are canceling more print and moving to e-only titles & added $$ for additional shelf-ready processes. We’ve budgeted about $$ for outsourcing (this was actually budgeted for Fy07 but the samples from the RFQs are just coming so we probably won’t spend most of this year’s amount). We also need to build in additional $$ for the shared storage processing. The monograph budget is being discussed by the soc/hum and sciences chairs, the associate dean and others next week as we are looking at how our new strategic plan impacts the philosophy of collecting.
  • Met with our consortial liaison to discuss a proposal from Elsevier for e-
  • Spoke with someone who has agreed to serve as a conference planning co-chair for NASIG 2008. (Bless him!)
  • Got confirmation from 2 more individuals that they’d serve on CPC (woo-hoo!) and appointed the Horizon winner to another committee after she sent me her preferences
  • Completed the technology RFP and routed it for distribution

Also done but not on the original list:

  • Reviewed shelf ready processes workflow document, EDI ordering recommendation, and leadership council minutes; had meetings with individuals I supervise; several more things but heck if I can remember…
  • Routed a number of Blackwell titles that weren’t showing up in the A-Z list to our SFX guru
  • Started working on a xxx [can’t say this yet because it is not widely known – don’t you hate that?!]
  • Reviewed and added comments/entries to a new database being pulled together to keep track of the multitude of library committees and their respective members
  • Cleaned out some old email about e- stuff; updated our contract database to reflect resolved issues

I managed to work on a number of NASIG issues at work rather than in the evenings:

  • Worked on my mail label file so I can send snail mail appointment letters to new and reappointed committee members
  • Spoke to the NASIG secretary and treasurer about a couple of problems brought to my attention by the A&R chair
  • Updated the committee volunteer list and did a last membership status check for the newest additions. I have a couple of emails out regarding those…

I had 2 things I did not get to on the to-do list: completing my own PD and performance plan for 2007 and emailing another NASIGer to follow up on a message about the committee she is serving on. So that begins next week’s list…


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