Star Wars writing update

Something is wrong. I must be missing something. What NASIG work have I forgotten to complete? Am I going to miss a deadline? forget something I need to do? I hope not…

I actually had several hours free yesterday so I pulled out my Alex Winger story (Shades of Gray) to work on. I mentioned this back in October in a previous post. I know I’ve looked (and groaned) at this story a few times since then. But yesterday, I actually worked on it! For SW fans, this is a sequel to Betrayal by Knight and explains how Alex gets those cybernetic finger that Tim Zahn mentions in Vision of the Future. For non-SW fans, you can check the Alex entry in the Wookieepedia – they got most of it right!

I decided to ignore the starfighter scene that was giving me problems in October and moved to the next scene, which just wasn’t working for me. It was too corny. (Okay, I know I’ve written a lot of corn in my previous stories so I was hoping to avoid that this time around.) I think I’ve resolved that in the 3 replacement pages I wrote yesterday. Of course, the changes mean that the next section has to be dramatically altered. My chores are done for the day and as soon as I close out this post I’m headed back to the story.

Now if only Pablo at LFL would tell us if the Fiction section on Star Wars Hyperspace will be adding new content…


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