Here be the weekend…

Ah, Friday.  Started off in a traffic jam which is fairly uncommon in Manhattan. There’s road construction on Hwy 24 going toward Wamego and they threw everybody off by closing the left lane this afternoon! It always amazes me how the good folk of KS actually merge into the open lane so early, you know, immediately after the sign says, ‘right lane closed ahead’.  On the east coast, no one merges until the very last minute but here, you’ll see a slow moving line of cars that have merged and the other lane is just wide open for 100s of yards.

So on Friday afternoon, way, way, back, even before the “merge left…” sign, everyone was moving over, only to discover that the road crews had changed the signs so we all needed to “merge right…”  Whatta mess!

Anyway, I wouldn’t have known any of this if son no. 2 hadn’t decided to have his ’93 Dodge worked on this afternoon. Now really. Who takes their car in for an oil change, tire rotation, and headlight replacement at 3:30 in the afternoon on a Friday?  Yep, he did. His girlfriend brought him home but I got to deliver him back there to pick up the car after I got off work in 5:30pm traffic with confused drivers trying to head to Wamego.  Ah well.

Saturday – haircut (thank the Maker!), house cleaning, and paint supplies pick-up.  (Did I mention the kids are painting my room while I’m on the road?)

Movie weekend:

  • Da Vinci Code – A-
  • Parenthood – B-

Oh, on that subject line… Pirates of the Carribbean 3 opens this week!  Not sure if I’ll get to see it right away. Memorial Day looks like my first chance.  A group of friends are going to a midnight showing over the weekend but I just can’t do it, especially since I need to save my energy for NASIG.

Did I mention C IV?  I’ll be working at the Digital Stage so stop by and say hello! (and MTFBWY… A)!


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