Team Cake at Celebration IV

May 25 was the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. If you were at the opening ceremonies at C IV in Los Angeles, you got a piece of birthday cake. What you may not have realized is that while you were standing outside in the line waiting to get in, while you were filing into Hall K to take your seats, dozens of volunteers — known as Team Cake — were backstage in the kitchen.

I arrived around 6pm to find the production lines fully up to speed. There were cakes everywhere. People cutting cake. People opening one after another packages of plates, napkins, and plastic folks. People folding napkins. People placing napkins on plates, topping them with folks, stacking the plates a dozen high. Suddenly, another team member would swoop in and take a pile of stacked plates and take them to a cake cutter who would place a piece of cake on the plate. Cake on plates lined every space on the countertops then got moved to rolling trays. 6,000 pieces of cake. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos! This one is my favorite!

Here’s to Team Cake! We ran out of plates and someone found more. We ran out of forks and someone found more. Damn them. We kept folding and plating. There were cramped hands from cutting cake and frosting on clothes & hands. Only 560 more plates to go someone said. We kept folding & & cutting & plating. Ten minutes later they said there were only 560 more pieces to cut. (That’s not a typo.) Damn them. We kept folding & cutting & plating.

We were still plating cake and preparing the rolling trays when the curtains went up and opening ceremonies began around 8pm. Then we rolled the trays out to the audience while Jay Laga’ai (Capt. Typho in Ep. 2&3) led 6,000 people singing Happy Birthday to Star Wars.

So again, here’s to Team Cake! May we never, ever, see a birthday cake again!


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