Celebration IV

A recap of my C IV adventure – part I

  • Got assignment from “the Mary” (one of the terms we use to refer to LFL’s events manager) on Saturday (the 19th) and from the stage manager (Marc) on Sunday. Marc emailed us to show up for training at 6pm Wednesday. Mary told us our Celebration store hours were between 6 and 10pm that same evening
  • Departed for LA with Sarah on Tuesday, met Cyndi at LAX & checked into the Westin Bonaventure
  • Cabbed it down to the convention center with Cyndi to pick up our badges; no one could find the “all access” badges, so we got crew badges – there’s a whole story there for another post
    • met up with other CJ volunteers (we called ourselves Mary’s Minions), including a joyous reunion with roommate Amy
    • got a tour of the convention center from Beth: checked out everything from the archive, the Darth helmets, the exhibit hall (it’s amazing how much work they had to do before the Thursday morning opening!), the store, the fan club lounge, etc.
  • Tuesday night – reunion with CJ folks at a brew pub a couple of blocks from the hotel; after dinner, met roommate no. 4 Kathy
  • Wednesday morning –
    • ate a very expensive breakfast at the Westin. It was quite delicious but there was no way we could afford to do that every day!
    • Sarah & I found the Celebration (Digital) Theatre where we were assigned. Not much going on in there. The reason our training was so late is because there would be no activity in our theatre until Friday. Thursday was moving day for the digital projector, which was being used in Hall K to do the movie marathon
    • got our “all access” badges – had to show ID & get checked off their list from Mary
    • checked out the movie marathon and wandered through the exhibit hall again – they still had a ton of things to unpack

To be continued…


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