NASIG 2007

Great conference. I posted some brief thoughts over on the Libraries’ Conference Reports blog.

I am disappointed that we didn’t have many NASIGers blogging the conference on the conference blog. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford wireless access in the meeting rooms. I know that inhibits live posting but the cost is prohibitive. (Won’t it be nice when wireless is ubiquitous?) I thought we had some great programming this year and there were numerous sessions that sounded intriguing! I found a number of folks blogging on their personal or work blogs (like I just did) so I’ll share those links here:

Let me know if you find others! Here’s a link to Technorati’s NASIG-tagged items. I’m setting up an rss feed for it on my blog reader! This is the first time I explored Technorati. (I’m learning, okay!)

The board is having some thoughtful discussions on membership development and hopes to hear more comments & suggestions from NASIG members about running for elected offices. We’ll be posting the notes from the conference brainstorming session on the listserv sometime this week. The year ahead will be busy: we’ll be finalizing the technology RFP in hopes of getting online voting in place & creating a more dynamic membership database that will feed applications such as conference registration, surveys, etc. We’ll be taking a look at our Strategic Plan. While planning is just getting underway for our 2008 conference in Phoenix, our site selection committee will continue to review & solicit proposals for 2009. I have to provide a summary of our recent site selection survey to the membership later this month & get that posted to the listserv! Hmm…. better stop blogging and get to work!


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