Celebration IV – pt. 2 – Hooray for Hollywood

Sarah & I didn’t have to show up for work until 6pm so we decided to take a quick trip up (or was it down?) to Hollywood. The metro subway was about 4 blocks from the Westin so with great directions from the concierge, we headed out.

It was Wednesday, May 23. Do you know what was happening that day? (We didn’t.) We stepped off the subway, headed above ground, and saw lots of tv broadcasting trucks and the red carpet, folks dressed up & standing in lines waiting for a glimpse of famous people. It was American Idol finals night at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. We wandered up Hollywood Blvd through the crowds and checked out the footprints of the stars outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, including R2-D2s, C-3PO, Vader, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and many more. We saw the famous Hollywood sign and one real-live star – Justin G., runner-up on American Idol’s 1st season. He was preparing for a broadcast for the TV Guide Channel.

Okay. Now I can say “been there, done that.” Eh.

Back at the convention center we met the rest of the crew for our training session at the Celebration Theatre: Marc (from LFL), David (emcee & from LucasArts), Tim, Wiebe, and Caroline. Marc needed us mostly for stage management, guest wrangling, and technical directing. We were all to get a hand at that last item (which involved following the script for each show and queuing the cameras, sound, lights, etc. Sounded like it would’ve been fun but Tim got to hog most of those responsibilities (with Wiebe also pitching in) – Tim had a lot of previous experience. So we would keep busy with the other jobs and watch for illicit taping.

After training, we headed to the store where we did our Celebration shopping. I picked up 2 t-shirts, 2 coffee mugs, the picture frame, magnets, pens, the limited edition figure, luggage tag, and bottle opener.

To be continued….


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