Celebration IV – pt 4


I didn’t have to work until Saturday afternoon but I was at the convention center a little after 9am, so I wandered into the Family Room to check up on roommate Kathy. She was headed out the door as I walked in so I had to give myself a tour of the room where all kinds of arts & crafts were going on.

At 10:30, I went to the 30 Years of SW publishing and continuity panel. LFL’s Leland Chee, master of the Holocron – a database of nearly every character, planet, ship, etc., in the SW universe – showed us the database that he’d been hired to create several years back.

I dropped into my room in time to see part of the Don Beis show. Don & others – creators of the droids of the SW universe – talked about making R2 in CG!

I slipped out for lunch, then headed back to the room for the Ben Burtt hour. Ben is the sound guru of the SW universe and has some wonderful stories about how he & his crew came up with many of the sounds we hear in the movies.

My 2:30 shift started as Ben’s show ended. We prepped the stage for the next show while the folks from the Force Unleashed panel arrived for their 3-4 panel, their 2nd panel on our stage & an opportunity for anyone who missed Friday’s show to check out the new game coming from LucasArts. It was cool to see the concept art and sneak preview again.

John Knoll – visual effects supervisor on SW – was the 4:30-5:30 hour followed by the 5/25/77 Creators’ Panel. I think my mind was numb by 6, so I really don’t remember a whole lot about that last hour! There were famous (or soon to be famous) people there – the writer/director (Patrick Read Johnson) & producer Gary Kurtz!), several of the actors… ah well.

Got off work at 7pm and went in search of dinner….  the night ain’t over yet…


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