Celebration IV – pt. 5 – Carrie Fisher

Saturday night

A conversation with Carrie Fisher. I remember hearing that Carrie would be doing an evening hour with a few thousand fans and thought it would be cool to see her ‘up close and personal’.

I’ve enjoyed seeing her do interviews & spunky speeches/presentations on tv (like the one about George when he was presented with a lifetime achievement award a year or so back). I didn’t buy a ticket when they were advertised. I thought I might be scheduled to work so I kept waiting for my work schedule to arrive. Mary kept promising it would come. I waited. Didn’t know they stopped selling tickets about 3 weeks before the event. Ah well…

But come to find out they will sell a few hundred tickets on opening day (back to Thursday) so Sarah & I decided we’d get tickets. Who has the tickets? where do you get the tickets? No one seemed to know. Finally, they said the tickets would be at the ticket counter. duh! Get in line, the line that stretched into the unknown regions outside the convention center. Well some of us half to work. Forget it. We’ll skip the show.

About that time, Amy called and I explained the problem with the tickets. What problem? There is no problem. We will have tickets! (Thanks, Steve!)

We were told to show up at the VIP line. It sure is nice to have friends in high places! We were first into the theater and got front row seats just to the left of the stage. While I’d heard some of Carrie’s stories before, I’d never been sitting 10-20 feet from her. She has such a fabulous dry wit and what SW fan would ever get tired hearing about the duct tape, the clothes, the cinnamon buns, George, Harrison, and Mark?!

PS… forgot to mention that Carrie got inducted as an honorary member of the 501st. Too cool!


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